Social Responsibility

At L.R. Kimball, we’re more than just architects, engineers, public safety experts and transportation specialists. We are also Little League coaches, soccer referees and church choir members. We’re active school board members and Scout leaders who share our passion for the arts and humanities through our hands-on involvement with the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra and other cultural groups.

Giving Back Around the Corner and Around the Globe

And as advocates for healthy communities across the globe, we are strong supporters of organizations including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, the National Kidney Foundation and Engineers Without Borders.

Improving the Communities Where We Live and Work

Our efforts to help sustain the communities in which we live and work also guide the development of every school we build, every bridge we replace, every sports center we secure and every energy project we manage. When we offer our clients the latest in sustainable design, we ensure that every project speaks to the bigger picture that comes with maintaining our environment – and our communities – for generations to come.

By giving back, we’re moving communities forward.