Electric Utilities

A national-recognized leader in providing civil and environmental engineering solutions to the electrical utilities market, L.R. Kimball provides a vital link for moving renewable energy, transmission and distribution projects forward. We stand ready to help the industry deal with aging infrastructure and increased demands while optimizing energy production.

A large project portfolio and a bedrock reputation in the energy market

The knowledge we’ve gained from more than half a century of work in the energy market delivers value to our clients at every stage in their project. Our portfolio of expertise ranges from coal stockpiles, permitting, transmission and distribution lines, geothermal, wind and solar projects.

Delivering long-term benefits for our clients

Our wide range of civil engineering services have helped our clients keep their development and expansion projects on tap, better manage their stockpile inventories, ensure successful geotechnical investigations and minimize their risk. We provide a one-stop resource to execute and deliver critical power delivery projects. Our services include:

  • Geotechnical engineering and geology 
  • Drilling experience that spans more than 30 years 
  • Boundary, subdivision and mapping services 
  • Land development and site design 
  • Construction inspection and quality analysis 
  • Environmental site assessments and permitting 
  • Coal stockpile inventories 
  • Groundwater, storm sewer and stormwater management 
  • Water and wastewater engineering and solid waste management 
  • Hazardous waste management