Marcellus Shale Services

With nearly 60 years of industry experience, L.R. Kimball has the expertise to help oil and gas providers, as well as other stakeholders, navigate natural gas formations and oil reserves – safely and effectively

A Bedrock Reputation

New drilling technology and a shift in the competitive pricing of fuel resources has encouraged exploration and development firms to look for safe, effective ways to penetrate the natural gas formations and oil reserves and recover the assets within them. We have a bedrock reputation as oil and gas specialists, earned after providing consulting and engineering services to the industry for nearly 60 years. Through the decades, our industry leadership has been honed by our keen understanding of:

  • The extraction process and all of its financial, environmental and political implications 
  • Ways to minimize risks for energy companies 
  • Smart solutions to manage drilling projects, resulting in faster, safer and more cost-effective results 
  • The local landscape, reflected through our long-standing relationships with state, regional and municipal authorities

The Marcellus Shale Formation is Our Home Course

Our offices are strategically located all along the center of the Marcellus Shale “fairway”-shaped deposit as it doglegs from the Ohio/West Virginia border through Pennsylvania toward New York.

That gives our clients ready access to our collective, proprietary expertise related to the processes and plans of the energy industry. With the formation in our backyard, we maintain a special focus on Marcellus Shale opportunities.

From Drill Pad Design to Frac Wastewater Treatment

Our comprehensive experience in the oil and gas fields of the eastern United States includes extensive drilling, mapping and surveying expertise in several areas including:

  • Civil design for retention dams and ponds 
  • Drill pad design and permitting 
  • Frac wastewater treatment and pretreatment
  • Water treatment and permitting 
  • Water allocation permits and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits 
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plans 
  • Aerial photography 
  • Site assessments 
  • Surveying and topographic mapping 
  • Visual impact studies 
  • Roadway stabilization design 
  • Highway design and construction 
  • Road and bridge design 
  • Environmental permitting 
  • Airport services

A Unique Development Opportunity

Airports may be an untapped resource for Marcellus Shale development, offering stakeholders open land for drilling and development, and a convenient transportation hub for employees traveling to and from oil and gas fields.

L.R. Kimball is the largest aviation consultant in Pennsylvania, working at more than 45 airports across the state. Our aviation expertise can help identify airport-based opportunities and guide stakeholders as they explore their options.