The architectural professionals at L.R. Kimball provide a full suite of services to accommodate any client project challenge. From creating the overall vision for a new school, to designing the interior of a long-term care facility or developing landscape plans for a sportsplex, L.R. Kimball has you covered.

Architectural Design

We're in the business of designing environments: places where people work, live and play. We keep those end users in mind throughout the design process, ensuring that our buildings and facilities work for the governments, schools and businesses that will be using them for years to come.

Correctional Facilities

The architectural, engineering and communications technology experts at L.R. Kimball have been setting the standard in corrections programming and design for more than 35 years.

Educational Facilities

At L.R. Kimball, our award-winning efforts to design, engineer and wire educational facilities are guided by our belief that campus development is about more than just a new school or a renovated building.

Facilities Engineering

L.R. Kimball's on-staff mechanical, electrical and structural engineers make sure that each of our projects is built on a strong foundation. We design HVAC and electrical systems with cost savings and energy efficiency in mind, and we develop structural designs that stand the test of time.

Interior Design

Our interior designers provide clients with comprehensive space analysis, furniture layout and selection, specification and bidding services and installation assistance. Our depth and breadth of experience allows us to design successfully for a variety of clients, including health care organizations, sports venues, schools and universities, correctional facilities and public safety command centers.

Security Consulting

You expect the top of the line from your security, life safety, and communication and technology systems. We help you get there by providing a single source for the design and specifications of open and scalable security technology. And that translates into greater value and more security, reliability, expandability and flexibility for every client we serve.

Sustainable Architecture / LEED

Our staff is helping set the pace for sustainable design and LEED certification. Our LEED experience includes design, certification and registrations of LEED certified buildings that account for more than 2 million square feet and over $325 million in value. Our on-staff expertise of LEED-accredited professionals includes architects as well as structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers.