Facilities Engineering

For nearly 60 years, L.R. Kimball has been an industry leader in facilities engineering, providing comprehensive engineering services that meet the specific needs of every project we work on and every client we serve.

Success Through Integrated Project Management

Our engineers combine their expertise from a wide range of disciplines, guaranteeing an integrated approach to project management that delivers consistent, targeted results.

But we don’t meet these targets by ourselves.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand what they want to achieve, how much they want to spend and when they want the job completed. We immerse ourselves in the project, getting to know every obstacle, every opportunity and every facet of our assignment.

We collaborate. We communicate. We understand. It’s how our engineers continually produce the on-time and on-budget results that our clients expect and we demand.

Mechanical Engineering

L.R. Kimball’s mechanical and HVAC teams are driven to achieve two goals: maximize system efficiencies and reduce operating costs for our clients.

To meet these goals, we integrate “green” design concepts, as prescribed by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System of the U.S. Green Building Council, into all final engineering designs.

In addition to green design expertise, our mechanical engineering capabilities include:

  • Air conditioning systems 
  • Heating systems 
  • Building and industrial ventilation 
  • Energy conservation measures (recovery and renewable) 
  • Automated control systems (electric, pneumatic, and direct digital) 
  • Boiler replacements 
  • Building energy analysis 
  • System retrofits 
  • Fuel and energy studies 
  • Energy audit studies 
  • HVAC systems comparisons 
  • Plumbing systems 
  • Fire protection, based on National Fire Protection Association designs 
  • Medical gas systems 
  • Liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil storage 
  • Existing system retrofits 
  • Regulatory approvals

L.R. Kimball’s expertise also includes complete local, state and federal regulatory analysis. In addition, we provide extensive support to help clients achieve regulatory approvals on any project that may need it.

Electrical Engineering

L.R. Kimball’s electrical engineering teams offer clients a level of expertise that only comes after decades of experience designing integrated security systems for sports facilities, emergency power systems for correctional facilities or state-of-the-art life safety systems for hundreds of buildings across the country.

In addition to these specialized services, our electrical engineering portfolio includes:

  • Primary and secondary electrical system design 
  • Exterior lighting 
  • Intercom systems 
  • Fire alarm systems 
  • Closed caption television systems 
  • Surveillance networks 
  • Energy conservation measures 
  • Distribution network development 
  • Existing system analyses

Our electrical engineers are part of a multidisciplinary facilities engineering team that also includes mechanical and structural engineers.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers' work can be found in every correctional, K-12, higher educational, life safety, sports, or commercial facility/building we design.

We bring our extensive experience to new construction projects or renovations and additions, providing clients with proven expertise in areas such as:

  • Building framing system design comprised of materials such as
    • Steel, including composite design
    • Concrete, both reinforced cast-in-place and precast
    • Masonry, both reinforced and plain
    • Wood
  • Building foundation design using spread footings, pile-supported footings, concrete mats and continuous grade beams 
    • Spread footings
    • Drilled piers (caissons)
    • Pile-supported pile caps
    • Mat foundations
    • Continuous grade beams supported by the dead foundation systems listed
  • Structural assessments of existing facilities 
  • Site retaining wall design 
  • Design of reinforced concrete underground tanks used in water and wastewater treatment

By applying the latest thinking and methodologies to each project, our structures are designed to safely resist applied design loads whether environmental (snow, wind, earthquake loading) or functional (live and dead loading while controlling associated vibration to various perceptible limits).