Security Consulting

For more than 35 years, L.R. Kimball security experts have been designing integrated security and technology systems for organizations whose missions demand state-of-the-art security solutions.

A Broad Range of Experience

From schools and commercial sites to sports venues and correctional facilities, our specialists bring recognized industry leadership to every project we design and manage. Our ability to act as the single source for the design and specifications of open and scalable security technology sets us apart, providing clients with a solid framework to secure, protect and grow their organizations.

Performance-based technology consulting and design is available for security, life safety, and communication and technology systems. These full-service and integrated consulting and design capabilities can be applied across all technology platforms and disciplines, translating into greater value and more security, reliability, expandability and flexibility for every client we serve.

An Integrated Approach

L.R. Kimball’s integrated approach to security design and consulting forms strong links between a client’s security policies, procedures and technology applications. This creates a dynamic and interactive security triangle in which each side works in a complementary and cohesive manner to ensure the highest levels of protection.

To build and maintain this triangle, our security experts carry out a multi-phased assessment and design process that culminates in state-of-the-art technology installation.

  • Step 1: Assess and identify immediate concerns and risks that affect the security of all stakeholders
  • Step 2: Establish a complete set of policies and procedures to help reduce the risks
  • Step 3: Begin mitigating specific issues that were identified in the assessment

Many of these steps cost little or nothing to implement. Others may involve the application of new conventional systems, while still others may require new technology such as high-functioning motion sensors and lighting.

Expertise Counts In Security Planning and Implementation

Through decades of work with schools, commercial sites, sports venues, correctional facilities and other sectors, our security experts have developed a deep understanding of technology, safety and security processes and stand ready to meet the specific security needs of every client we serve.

Making Schools Safer
The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics reports that in 2007 theft and violent crime rates were higher at school than away from school. To help keep children safe at school, L.R. Kimball is designing technology solutions that incorporate sophisticated building-access controls, IP-based megapixel surveillance systems and intrusive alarm networks.