Data Management

In today’s data-driven world, companies, public safety organizations, utilities, government entities and other organizations need air-tight networks that can provide timely and accurate information.

Enterprise Database Design and Management

LR Kimball’s Database Design, Development & Management Team comprised of professionals with cross-industry expertise in custom database design, development and integration, database migration, optimization and conversion, database administration, maintenance and support, provides top-of-the-line services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our database developers and programmers have thorough expertise and extensive hands-on experience gained through successful completion of very sophisticated projects.

Data and Applications Hosting

The experts at L.R. Kimball design, deliver and direct a wide range of proven data-management systems that transform data into valuable assets. From infrastructure development for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to back-up and replication, L.R. Kimball and its full-service team of technology engineering specialists stands ready to put its proven expertise to work.

L.R. Kimball's data system services enable our clients to accelerate their business processes and optimize their operations in ways never before possible. These services include:

  • 9-1-1 data systems such as MSAG, ALI and GIS
  • Web portal development
  • Web hosting and GIS hosting
  • Managed IT services

ALI Database Management Services

Accurate ALI data is at the very core of exceptional 9-1-1 service. In fact, an on-site ALI database solution can help a good service provider become a great one, offering more daily control of updated processes and helping PSAPs maintain a high percentage of accuracy between the ALI database, and other databases and datasets.

In addition to improving database accuracy, our ALI and Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) automated management software simplifies 9-1-1 center database maintenance.

  • Customized to address unique client data challenges
  • Easy integration into existing networks
  • Extensive reporting and auditing capabilities such as wireless connectivity and ad-hoc reports
  • Automatic conversion of ALI data into standard formats
  • Processing tools to address daily address changes, create rules and flag questionable records
  • Allows 9-1-1 Center to add, edit, search and view problem records

Location and Wireless Accuracy Testing

Quick and efficient responses to emergency 9-1-1 calls placed from mobile phones require accurate, reliable location testing solutions. L.R. Kimball has them – with Geographic Information System and 9-1-1 expertise to back them up.

Tower Validation for Planned Phase II Wireless Emergency Response Services

Through our tower validation services, we can verify that the tower sector where the call reportedly originates from in the communications center is the actual sector where it was placed.

This helps increase the positioning and processing of wireless callers, giving organizations the information they need to identify responders and dispatch them to the right locations – an invaluable benefit when seconds count.

Wireless Accuracy Testing

We also offer wireless accuracy testing for those who have already deployed Phase II wireless services.

Our efforts give clients the resources to verify the location of wireless calls, putting more power in the hands of the communications center to carry out wireless accuracy standards.

All services are designed with specific client needs in mind, from project expectations to budget considerations.

Better Data for Homeland Security
As part of a statewide homeland security initiative, L.R. Kimball worked with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency to collect, catalogue and organize geographical information for a critical infrastructure assessment that reviewed mass transit systems, TV and other media outlets, telecommunications switching locations and retail center data. PEMA is using the L.R. Kimball-compiled data in its planning, response, recover and mitigation efforts against terror activities or related disasters.