Geospatial Technology

Leveraging more than 50 years of spatial data expertise and a cutting-edge approach to mapping and GIS, L.R. Kimball provides geospatial consulting solutions for clients in public safety, private enterprise and utilities, as well as federal, state and local governments.

Spatial Data Acquisition, Conversion and Visualization

Kimball has decades of experience providing high quality mapping and spatial data conversion services, including extensive experience capturing spatial data from hard copy sources and aerial photography. We also have field GPS data collection experience including a number of highly accurate sub-centimeter survey projects.

GIS Systems Planning, Implementation, Training and Support

Our staff members have years of experience analyzing hardware, software, and network infrastructure needs and recommending the best solutions for our clients. We perform geospatial infrastructure implementation, such as installation of client and server software, hardware configuration, and troubleshooting as well as ongoing technical support and user training.

Kimball’s GIS and Data Services group provides managed services and hosting solutions to provide daily system monitoring and data backups. Kimball hosts various types of web services for business solutions, including web surveys, web database interfaces for reporting and searching, and GIS web applications. Kimball has provided system and network administration to clients, performing design, implementation and maintenance of the system through Kimball staff on-site for the duration of a project.

Custom, Multi-platform Application Development

L.R. Kimball implements custom solutions that provide interactive mapping capabilities to help clients disseminate geographic information internally among departments and staff, and externally to the public. These applications can provide the end user with the capabilities to view maps, search for information within the datasets, create reports and analyze results to provide effective business services. Our wide range of experience with various technologies and industries allows us to develop tools to meet a variety of needs. We utilize an iterative development process that allows us to work in close cooperation with our clients to identify and implement the most effective possible solutions.

Our web applications are developed using the latest asynchronous technologies to provide optimal performance. We have the ability to target a variety of client platforms to maximize the utility of the solution and we typically manage spatial data in an enterprise database environment to provide high end performance and reliability.

Hosting of Web-based Spatial Data and Applications

Kimball has the capabilities to host web based GIS applications in our data center. This can be a very effective solution for organizations that do not wish to make the investments in staff, hardware and software necessary to host and maintain web based GIS applications. We will provide software maintenance services as well as keeping all data current when requested.

To ensure reliability and performance, the L.R. Kimball data center is equipped with power redundancy including Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) and a diesel power generator as well as redundant cooling systems and a complete fire suppression system. Our data center is a physically secure facility with all access controlled by card-key and fingerprint scanning systems.

Enterprise data management

Kimball has experience providing development and administration of geospatial data within relational database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server. We provide database configuration support for enterprise geodatabases, integration with client applications and integration between different database systems. Kimball also provides database administration training when necessary to ensure clients can maintain the system and overall performance of the database.

Many of our database solutions feature geodatabase replication schemes to facilitate the transfer of data between database instances to both improve workflow efficiency and deploy current data to support applications. We have experience replicating data within local area networks as well as over the internet.