Airport Design

We bring decades of experience to airport design, stretching back to our early days when this was among the first engineering services we provided. Since then, we have completed hundreds of aviation projects, from airport design to critical airport infrastructure, including hangars, roads and fueling stations.

The Firm of Choice

Our full-time airport design and planning teams have the expert resources at hand to help our clients achieve their objectives, on time and within budget.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and state regulatory expertise 
  • Daily interaction with state and federal aviation authorities 
  • Open and effective communication with airport owners 
  • Complete airfield design 
  • Full-service airport design 
  • Supplemental landside development 
  • Drainage design and environmental permitting 
  • Equipment procurement 
  • Navigational aids 
  • Building design 
  • Grant administration 
  • Construction management and inspection

Airfield Design Expertise

L.R. Kimball is your single source for coordinated airfield design. Our work is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of general aviation, business, heliports and scheduled service users, and includes:

  • Surveying 
  • Geotechnical investigations 
  • Environmental services
  • Construction management services
  • Recommended design criteria
  • Layout and geometric design
  • Pavement and overlay design
  • Runway marking and grooving
  • Apron layout and design
  • Airport lighting
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Design certification
  • Construction plans and specs

Airport Buildings

Backed by decades of experience, our Aviation Services Group has the expertise to develop, demolish, remodel, retrofit and construct a wide array of airport facilities, including:

  • Aircraft storage hangars 
  • Maintenance and service hangars 
  • Airport terminals 
  • Equipment storage buildings 
  • Electrical vaults 
  • Field maintenance facilities 
  • Aircraft rescue and fire fighting facilities 
  • Commercial and industrial buildings 
  • Flight service stations 
  • General aviation buildings

Landside Development Specialists

Landside facilities support airport operations and help passengers as they transition from land to air. L.R. Kimball is a recognized leader in landside development, providing a full range of services that complement airport design, including:

  • Access roads and parking lots 
  • Fueling and servicing facilities 
  • Administrative facilities 
  • Terminal layouts 
  • Airport business parks 
  • Fencing

Drainage and Environmental Permitting

Drainage design and environmental permitting are critical to successful airport development, and can vary from site to site. At L.R. Kimball, clients have access to a wide range of expert services designed to manage everything from erosion and sedimentation controls to storm water management.

  • Storm-water management 
  • Water quality 
  • Erosion and sedimentation control 
  • Deicing runoff collection systems 
  • Environmental clearances 
  • Permit submittals 
  • Local, state and federal regulatory compliance