Airport Operations

Our aviation team can coordinate nearly every aspect of airport operations, from early-stage applications and funding requests all the way through obstruction and wildlife assessments, equipment purchases, and even airport maintenance and management.

Funding Specialists

L.R. Kimball has helped secure millions of dollars in airport improvement funding for our clients. Working daily with state and federal regulatory agencies, we have the expertise and resources to provide a full range of funding assistance, including:

  • Technical guidance and advice 
  • Project justification 
  • Requests for financial aid 
  • Forms and applications 
  • Part 139 Certifications 
  • Project management 
  • Operational coordination 
  • Report reproduction

Obstruction Studies and Analyses

Safety is at center of all airport operations, from security and maintenance issues to obstruction removal. Our aviation specialists provide comprehensive services to evaluate ground, air, land development and wildlife hazards that can impact critical issues such as airport landing minimums, runway lengths and runway protection zones. Our coordinated analyses services include:

  • Mapping and surveying 
  • Obstruction and approach surveys 
  • Terrain clearance maps 
  • Aerial zoning maps 
  • Aerial easements 
  • Property maps and surveys

Expertise to Fill the Equipment Gap

Our airport clients benefit from our equipment procurement expertise, including experience in specialized government-sponsored procurement programs. A sampling of equipment we have helped secure includes:

  • Aircraft rescue and fire-fighting equipment 
  • Snow brooms 
  • Snow blowers 
  • Front end loaders/snow loader 
  • Trucks with plows and material spreaders 
  • Aircraft fuel trucks 
  • Aboveground fuel facilities