Brownfield Redevelopment

For decades, L.R. Kimball has worked closely with municipalities, economic development organizations, government agencies and private developers to revitalize industrial sites for sustainable reuse.

Resources To Meet Project Goals

Our team of in-house experts includes civil and environmental engineers, biologists and geologists, surveying and mapping specialists, and even environmental health scientists.

Our combined perspectives on site development engineering, architectural, design and environmental management ensures that clients have the information, data and resources necessary to reach their project goals. At L.R. Kimball, we believe in what we do – delivering targeted results for our clients.

Expert Services

Our far-reaching environmental, engineering, architectural and mapping services ensure a seamless transition from unusable industrial sites to new parks, housing or commercial businesses. Specific services include:

  • Environmental Site Assessments 
  • Site Investigation Work 
  • Remediation Design And Management Services 
  • Land Development Services

This in-house expertise guides clients every step of the way, from the earliest stages of site planning, through the assessment process, and all during the design and construction phase of any new facility housed on the former brownfield site.

Delivering Results the L.R. Kimball Way
"L.R. Kimball's attention to detail and streamlined approach has made the project run smoothly...L.R. Kimball has always been responsive ...offering quick and effective solutions keeping in mind the ultimate goal – a productive and economically viable development project." - Deborah Walter, Brownfield Coordinator, Johnstown Redevelopment Authority