Demolition Consulting

At L.R. Kimball, our team of experienced engineers and environmental specialists provide one-stop service for the demolition of any structure, from office buildings to NFL stadiums.

Demolition from Start to Finish

As a full service firm, L.R. Kimball has the resources and experience to take any demolition project from the earliest planning stages all the way through completion. Whether it’s an implosion or a more conventional demolition, our clients can expect expert services, including:

  • Structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services 
  • Environmental engineering 
  • Pre-condition surveys 
  • Detailed bid document preparation 
  • Cost estimation 
  • Bidding and construction phase services 
  • Inspection services 
  • Geotechnical investigations 
  • Drilling 
  • Soil testing 
  • Civil and site planning and designs for new facilities

A Single Point of Contact

These services combine to create a complete “one-stop-shop” for all demolition design and consulting services, whether it’s related to a multi-story office building or a structure the caliber of Pittsburgh’s fabled Three Rivers Stadium, long-time home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We take a coordinated approach to every project, serving as the single point of project contact for governmental, regulatory, environmental, public safety and health agencies.

The result? Excellent quality control, timely and effective communications, and better project outcomes every step of the way.

Everything Old is New Again in Pittsburgh
L.R. Kimball was a major player in coordinating the successful demolition of Three Rivers Stadium and the simultaneous construction of Heinz Field, the new home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a result, the Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County enjoyed a seamless transition between the two facilities.