Geotechnical Engineering

L.R. Kimball is a proven leader in the geotechnical engineering arena, providing trusted services to contractors, developers, insurance companies, power generation utilities, architects and engineers, and local, state, and federal agencies since the 1970s.

Full Service Capabilities

Our experienced geotechnical engineers provide consulting services to support the design of stable foundations for buildings, highways, parking lots, retaining walls, and other design features that are often taken for granted by the casual observer.

A sample of our geotechnical services includes:

  • Geotechnical/foundation design 
  • Drilling/geotechnical investigation 
  • Construction materials testing and design 
  • Construction inspection 
  • Construction quality control services

Nationally Accredited Facilities

Our geotechnical field experience is backed by services available through our in-house geotechnical laboratory. The lab is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Accreditation Program (AAP) in the fields of soils and Portland cement concrete testing.

The lab has also been validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform concrete and soils testing for their projects.

These in-depth capabilities allow our engineers to undertake forensic investigations that provide critical perspectives on structure stability and other soil-related issues. Without this valuable service, buildings could shift, walls could fall, hillsides could slide or holes could open to voids below. Lab findings are used by multiple industries across several geotechnical areas, including:

  • Slope stability analysis and design 
  • Dam design and inspection 
  • Mine subsidence 
  • Landslide and instability analysis 
  • Coal stockpile inventories and coal BTU value 
  • Building/structural investigations