Stockpile Management

L.R. Kimball is a nationally recognized leader in stockpile inventory management, bringing more than 50 years of experience to every client we serve.

Targeted Results for Stockpile Inventories

When we opened our doors in 1953, stockpile management was one of the first services we offered. Today, as nationally recognized stockpile experts, L.R. Kimball provides this strategic service to clients all across the country.

Effective stockpile management is part of a sound business strategy that delivers results for companies that pursue it. Backed by L.R. Kimball’s stockpile expertise, companies can:

  • Strengthen their competitive edge by using faster, more reliable measurement processes 
  • Keep operational costs down by saving time and trimming fuel costs 
  • Analyze, in real-time, assessments and accurate materials inventories 
  • Maintain plant operations, with minimal disruptions

Total Stockpile Management

We provide a full complement of comprehensive stockpile inventory services, uniquely characterized by a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and time-tested management strategies. Our services are designed to keep plant operations humming, with little or no disruptions, and include:

  • Stockpile analyses 
  • Drilling and sampling 
  • Nuclear density testing 
  • Density investigation methods 
  • Aerial photography 
  • 3-D laser scanning (Terrestrial Scans) 
  • Volume determinations 
  • Tonnage reports and tonnage reconciliations for physical inventories 
  • Surveying (base location, boring locations, ground control, volume computations)
A Bedrock Reputation in Inventory Management
L.R. Kimball has a bedrock reputation in inventory management. Tap into our knowledge by listening to one of our on-demand webinars in the stockpile management education series. We offer webinars on volume methods and procedures, density determination, storage and management, and results analysis.