Transportation Construction Inspection

L.R. Kimball provides construction services and inspection for both new roadway construction and rehabilitation of existing roadways and bridges.

Construction Inspection Expertise

L.R. Kimball has completed scores of construction inspections for state Departments of Transportation (DOT) and municipalities. Detailed inspection and documentation by our field personnel ensures that construction is completed according to plans and specifications. Our services include:


  • Concrete testing 
  • Construction quality assurance 
  • Payment estimates 
  • Preparing of change orders 
  • Project close-out 
  • Quantities documentation 
  • Specification enforcement


  • Concrete and asphalt testing 
  • Construction quality assurance 
  • Drainage and erosion control inspection 
  • Payment estimates 
  • Preparing change orders 
  • Project close-out 
  • Quantities documentation 
  • Specification enforcement

Construction Management Expertise

Our specialists provide construction management services for roadway and bridge construction projects, most of which are by DOTs through counties and other municipalities. Our services include:

Bid Preparation and Management

  • Bidding process 
  • Cost management procedures 
  • Recommendations to client or owner 
  • Reviews and pre-bid meetings

Contractor Observation Management

  • Change orders 
  • DBE percentage 
  • Meetings 
  • Permits 
  • Project close-out 
  • Quality control 
  • Schedules 
  • Testing results

Quality Control

  • Documentation 
  • Material testing 
  • Observation of construction operations

Schedule Monitoring

  • Monitoring schedule 
  • Recommendations to owner/contractor 
  • Review and assessment of contractor’s schedule