Environmental Health & Safety Management

Our experienced environmental, health and safety (EHS) teams provide the expert services that companies need to protect their employees and the environment.

Cost-Effective Solutions

As an integrated and full service firm, L.R. Kimball has the in-house expertise to develop cost-effective EHS plans that meet the targeted needs of every client we serve. Our team of professionally registered environmental engineers, industrial hygienists and other safety professionals provide a wide ranges of specialized EHS services, including:

  • EHS auditing and compliance assessments 
  • Industrial hygiene assessments 
  • Safety program development 
  • EHS training 
  • Environmental planning, assessments and permitting
    • Air permitting of air pollution control devices and new equipment (i.e., boilers)
    • Environmental reporting - TRI, 26R, SARA 311/312, Tier 2

Benefits That Pay Big Dividends

Our efforts give corporations, energy providers, and local and state government agencies the support they need to comply with complex and federally mandated regulations so that they can better protect their best asset – their employees.

At the same time, our strategies are instrumental in helping our clients:

  • Reduce exposure to risk and accompanying fines and liabilities 
  • Implement effective, productive operating practices 
  • Understand and adhere to changing regulations related to:
    • Risk management
    • Loss prevention
    • Health and safety requirements 
  • Protect their community image so that they can continue to deliver the highest quality products and services