Stormwater and Water Resources Consulting

New comprehensive watershed approaches are replacing traditional stormwater management practices. For six decades, L.R. Kimball has been a leader in advising municipalities and managing their water-related projects to implement effective stormwater management.

Turning Stormwater into a Valuable Community Resource

Working with an experienced consultant like L.R. Kimball can help municipalities uncover and manage the hidden costs and challenges associated with stormwater. Our holistic approach means that we gain a full-understanding of the client’s requirements and incorporate specialized project management expertise to help achieve a smooth, seamless implementation. We are experts in helping local authorities:

  • Develop fee structures 
  • Administer ordinances 
  • Manage flood recovery 
  • Ensure water quality 
  • Carry out planning, mitigation and capital projects.

Specialized Expertise for Preparing Stormwater Management Plans

L.R. Kimball experts, many of whom have previously worked in government agencies or as advisors to state environmental departments, have a strong background in preparing stormwater management plans as required by state policy. We blend traditional planning and policy development with practical water resources engineering on a watershed or countywide basis.

A Cost-Savings Investment

Our stormwater management services generate significant benefits to our clients, the communities they serve and the surrounding environment. We help clients:

  • Mitigate runoff and flooding 
  • Minimize undue risk to water quality and future development 
  • Preserve water quality 
  • Correct legacy stormwater management concerns 
  • Maximize the impact of existing stormwater management plans 
  • Decrease runoff in urban areas

Water Resource Management

In addition to wildlife, wetland and stream assessments, our water resources expertise includes water control management plans to protect against erosion, environmental pollution and flooding. Services include:

  • Storm water management plans 
  • Watershed studies 
  • Water resources permitting (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) 
  • Floodplain management 
  • Dam design and assessment 
  • Hydrogeologic studies and permitting