From preliminary environmental studies through final construction, L.R. Kimball transportation engineers have the bridge design expertise that delivers results to every client.

Bridge Replacement Expertise

Most bridge replacements are eligible for up to 95 percent funding from local and state sources. We help clients prioritize bridge inventories, and provide invaluable assistance as they navigate the transportation funding and programming process to secure replacement dollars. Our expertise also includes:

  • Abutment design 
  • BRADD3 experience 
  • Culvert design 
  • Curved girder design 
  • Design/build experience 
  • MSE wall design 
  • Single and multi-span design 
  • Pre-stressed concrete designs 
  • Reinforced concrete wall design 
  • Soil nail wall design 
  • Steel girder design 
  • Tie-back retaining wall design 
  • Tunnel design

Safety Inspections

Federal regulations require a periodic and thorough inspection of bridge inventories. Our certified bridge safety inspectors know what to look for on old structures and can determine the proper course of action, including:

  • Channel protection 
  • Railing upgrades 
  • Repainting 
  • Structural repairs


Our expert bridge maintenance services include:

  • Award processing 
  • Contract bidding 
  • Maintenance contracts 
  • Needs prioritization

Construction Management

Our construction inspectors oversee bridge replacement projects ranging from stream culverts to multi-lane interstate highway spans. Our efforts ensure that replacement structures are built according to design specifications and done on time.

Preservation and Rehabilitation

Our engineers determine and carry out preservation strategies that include:

  • Abutment and pier widening 
  • Alternatives analysis 
  • Bridge jacking plans 
  • Concrete repairs 
  • Custom designs for rapid bearing replacement 
  • Deck widening 
  • Demolition plans 
  • Inspections for needs assessment 
  • Railroad permitting and insurance 
  • Retrofits 
  • Shoring plans and calculations 
  • Strengthening of members 
  • Steel repairs 
  • Temporary construction loading modeling 
  • Temporary jacking beam designs 
  • Widening without major substructure modifications
Bridge Experts in the City of Bridges
Our transportation bridge experts are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which reportedly has more bridges with piers and stands than any other city in the world. A 2006 study confirmed 446 bridges, making Pittsburgh the world record holder over Venice, Italy, by just three structures.