L.R. Kimball Selected For CA NG9-1-1 Planning


L.R. Kimball recently completed a strategic Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) roadmap for the State of California’s 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Division. The proposed roadmap identifies the tasks, high-level timelines, key decision points, critical dependencies and work products necessary to implement a NG9-1-1 system throughout the state.

The State of California’s efforts to assess, plan, design and implement NG9-1-1 statewide places it at the forefront of next generation emergency communications. NG9-1-1 will provide California with the ability to accept new forms of multimedia such as text, video and photos. In addition, NG9-1-1 also will improve interoperability, call routing, PSAP call overflow and location accuracy.

L.R. Kimball is also providing project management services for the CA Enhanced 9-1-1 Grant Project, which includes numerous counties in northeastern California and is the state’s first step towards testing improved location accuracy in a NG9-1-1 network. This project entails the creation of an Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled network used to identify the location of wireless 9-1-1 callers based on geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude (commonly referred to as "X-Y" routing). The IP-enabled network will also be able to route wireless calls to the appropriate PSAP.

"We are pleased to be working with the State of California as they begin to embark on the NG9-1-1 journey," said Joel McCamley, Senior Vice President, L.R. Kimball. "Not only will California’s citizens and visitors benefit from this effort, but California’s leadership and guidance will bring further credence and clarity to the national conversation about NG9-1-1."